Answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Wildcat Ridge community.

  1. Bulk Trash Service & Pickup Schedule
  2. Parking of Vehicles
  3. Basketball Goals
  4. Barking Dogs
  5. Painting
  6. Common Area Signs
  7. Landscape & Any Exterior Modifications
  8. Satellite Dishes
  9. Commercial and Other Speclialty Vehicles
  10. Leasing or Rental Properties
  11. Management Fees when selling your House
  12. Mailbox Flyers
  13. Motorized Vehicles
  14. Living with Bobcats
  15. Living with Coyotes
  16. Living with Javelina
  17. Living with Woodpeckers
  18. Living with Raptors
  19. Living with Bats
  20. Living with Mountain Lions
  21. Living with Black Bears

Bulk Trash Services and pickup Schedule

Bulk trash consists of materials that are too large and must not be placed in the garbage or recycling container. Materials such as furniture, large appliances, mattresses, toilets and large amounts of vegetation are often considered bulk trash. Bulk trash is currently collected from city-serviced residences four times each year.

Please be aware that the weeks of bulk trash placement and collection can invite possible illegal dumping. It is important to stay vigilant and report any kind of suspicious activity to the police or the Public Works Department.

A copy of the new 2020-2021 Bulk Trash Collection Schedule will be inserted in your November city services bill. You can also find out your bulk trash collection dates for 2020-2021 on Phoenix PDF. (current 2019-2020 Schedule). For more information click here

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Can I park my vehicle in the street?

Vehicles shall be parked only in garages or in driveways. There is no parking allowed on the streets within Wildcat Ridge. Vehicles shall be subject to these rules and regulations as adobted by the Board. See SB-100 rule "Regarding Policies and Procedures for Covenant and Rule Enforcement" posted on the www.wildcatridgeonline.com website for enforcement and fine policy. Stored vehicles and vehicles which are either obviously inoperable or do not have current operating licenses shall not be permitted on the properties except within enclosed garages. For purposes of this Section, a vehicle shall be considered "stored" if it is put up on blocks or covered with a tarp without the prior approval of the board.

WARNING: Don't block a fire hydrant by parking a vehicle next to it for any reason. Vehicles cannot be parked any closer than 15 feet to a fire hydrant from any direction. Remember, your actions may cause a delay in being able to supply water to an emergency that continues to grow until intervention takes place.

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Where can I install a basketball goal on my property?

Slides, playground equipment, basketball goals, outdoor decks, gazebos and other such equipment or structures shall be allowed provided they are approved by the Board. Any basketball goal must be located at a minimum of 20 feet from all side and rear lot lines. Currently the Board has not approved any permanent basketball goals. All temporary basketball goals must not be left out overnight and should be hidden from plain view.

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My neighbors dog barks all night long. What can I do?

The Phoenix City Ordinance § 8-2 classifies a barking dog offense as a class one misdemeanor. If a homeowner has a complaint concerning a barking dog, it is recommended that they they call the City of Phoenix Barking Dog Hotline at 602-262-6466. You can visit the City of Phoenix website for additional information and complaint forms. Additionally, the homeowner can contact Total Property Management directly to file a complaint and Total Property Management will send a letter to the offending homeowner.

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I would like to paint the exterior of my home, what restrictions are there?

If you are considering painting the exterior of your home, contact Total Property Management, for a copy of the approved paint schemes. You can also find these paint schemes here. Please enter only one color scheme choice on the Architectural Request Form. There is no mixing and matching of colors between color schemes allowed.

Caution: You are responsible for the color of your home. If you contract the job, make sure that you are protected if the contractor fail's to match the approved paint colors. You will be in violation of the Wildcat Ridge documents if the contractor does not match the approved color.

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What changes can I make to my front landscaping?

No trees or shrubs shall be planted or removed except in compliance with the Design Guidelines and only after a request is submitted. No exterior modifications of any kind may be done without submitting a request for review.

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Where do I install my satellite dish?

The Wildcat Ridge HOA does not want to make the installation of a satellite dish a time consuming process or delay the installation. The common goal at Wildcat Ridge is to respect our neighbors and keep the community aesthetically inviting. You and your technician should find the least intrusive location, yet provide the maximum signal reception.

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What signs are allowed by the HOA for placement in common areas?

Signs on general common areas are not permitted without the written approval of the Board. This applies to any kind of sign to include, but not limited to, flags, banners or similar items of advertising or providing directional information except entry and directional signs placed by the Wildcat Ridge HOA. The Board reserves the right to erect signs as they, at their discretion, deem appropriate.

The Board hereby approves signs intended for directional use in association with a neighborhood place of worship and or bona fide open house in support of a home sale. These exceptions are limited to Saturday and Sunday only, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Where signs are permitted, they are limited to no more than 24" x 30" in size and must be of the "sandwich board" style. Signs that penetrate the ground are not permitted and will be removed immediately. If permission is granted to any person to place a sign within these guidelines, the Board reserves the right to restrict the color, lettering, and placement of such sign.

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I drive a commercial vehicle, where can I park?

Vehicles primarily used or designated for commercial purposes shall be parked only in enclosed garages and not visible to the public. Service and delivery vehicles may per parked in the properties during daylight hours for such a period of time as is reasonably necessary to provide service or to make a delivery to a property or the Common Areas.

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I plan on leasing my property, are there any HOA requirements?

Leasing of lots is permitted, but if it is for more than 30 days a copy of the lease agreement must be provided to the Wildcat Ridge HOA. The lease agreement must provide that the tenant will abide by Declaration and all rules and regulations of the association.

Warning: Under A.R.S. § 33-1902, an owner of a residential rental property in Maricopa County must register certain information relating to the property and its ownership with the Maricopa County Assessor. ALL owners of residential rental properties must register their properties regardless of whether the tenant is a family member. Under the statute, out-of-state owners must designate a statutory agent who lives in Arizona who will accept legal service on behalf of the owner. Whether organized in Arizona or elsewhere, a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, limited partnership, trust or real estate investment trust must not only designate a statutory agent, but must also register the name, address and telephone number of both the ownership entity and a principal within the entity as set forth in the registration form. Failure to register the property or to timely update any information required by A.R.S § 33-1902 may subject the owner to penalties and other consequences as provided in the statute. An owner may register his rental property at the link provided below.The registration may be filed electronically, by mail or by facsimile. A registration may be rejected if it does not provide all of the information requested.

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Can I affix a flyer or poster to one of the mailboxes?

The mailboxes within Wildcat Ridge are the property of the United States Postal Service. You are not allowed to affix anything to them, including flyers, signs about missing items or animals, and advertisements.

Note: For further information please refer to Sect. 505.3.1 of the DMM or contact your Post Office.

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We're looking to sell our home. We would like to know what the HOA transfer fees are, and any other fees/assessments that we should be aware of at closing. Could you please provide this information?

Transfer/Disclosure Fee: $400.00
Quarterly Assessment: $109.98
**please check with management company for accurate amount.
Any credit on the account associated with the Sale of ADOT Land (70-604 Rev Ruling & Condemnation Award) stays with the property and cannot be refunded.

Once in escrow Title should go to Homewise to request a demand and obtain the information to transfer the property for the Homeowner’s Association. (Answer provided by Laurie Total PM on 1/27/2017)

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I purchased a motorized scooter for my child, is it okay to use it in the neighborhood? Does it make a difference if it is gas or electric?

This is not a concern of the Wildcat Ridge HOA, but is a concern for the City of Phoenix. The City of Phoenix has banned all motorized play vehicles, gas or electric; regardless of age. Click here to read the "Fact Sheet - Motorized Skateboard/Play Vehicle Ban".

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