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The State of Arizona Department of Transportation ("ADOT”) has
informed the Board of their intention to erect a 20 foot tall sound wall along a portion
of the southern boundary of the subdivision for sound abatement purposes.
Representatives from ADOT will be present to provide information and answer all
questions on the proposed wall.
In connection with the Black Mountain Boulevard extension project set to commence later this year, ADOT has made an offer to purchase a 66,377 sq. foot parcel of Wildcat Ridge’s common area land along the western boundary of the subdivision for $634,783. Areas of discussion will include the offer itself and whether it should be accepted, in addition to how any accepted funds are to be utilized, whether any accepted funds should be disbursed to homeowners, and any tax implications to homeowners of such a payout.

Glenn Kroemer, CPA (of the Kroemer Company, PLC) will be present to provide information and answer questions on tax implications of a potential payout. Again, the Board would like to hear any feedback, questions, comments, or thoughts from all residents on this issue.
Black Mountain Boulevard / SR51 Project

ADOT, Phoenix open SR 51 ramps at Black Mountain Boulevard

Ramps provide new options for drivers in Desert Ridge area
March 20, 2016

Black Mtn Blvd rampPHOENIX – The Arizona Department of Transportation has opened elevated ramps connecting State Route 51 at the Loop 101 Pima Freeway with Black Mountain Boulevard, improving access in the Desert Ridge area.

A roundabout serves as a transition to slow traffic to and from the freeway, and a pedestrian bridge has been added over Black Mountain Boulevard near Pinnacle High School.

ADOT and Phoenix partnered on the $17.8 million ramps project, with ADOT managing construction that began in June 2015. A separate project, also managed by ADOT on behalf of the city, included improvements to Black Mountain Boulevard north to Pinnacle Peak Road.

"Our goal has been to deliver a project that helps the city with its transportation plans for the Desert Ridge area and beyond,” said ADOT Assistant Director Steve Boschen, who leads the agency’s Infrastructure Delivery and Operations Division. "The ramps provide local drivers with direct access to State Route 51.”

"As the city continues to develop in the north, better transportation options are needed to meet the needs of a growing city,” said Phoenix Councilwoman Thelda Williams, who chairs the City Council’s Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee. "The new ramps will provide options for a rapidly growing area.”

At the roundabout, along Black Mountain Boulevard south of the high school, signs direct drivers to slow to 20 mph. Motorists also should be prepared to yield to traffic already in the roundabout.

While helping high school students cross Black Mountain Boulevard, the pedestrian bridge also is part of the Reach 11 trail within a 1,500-acre recreation area popular with hikers and bicyclists.

The connections between State Route 51 and Black Mountain Boulevard have been part of Phoenix’s plans for the Desert Ridge region for several years. The project was funded as part of the Maricopa Association of Governments’ Regional Transportation Plan approved by county voters in 2004.


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